Capt. Shan's Recommended Recipes


Barbecued Salmon Steaks


Broiled Salmon Steaks


Baked Salmon


Baked Salmon With Herb Butter


Deep Fried Salmon


Pan Fried Rainbow Trout


Wines With Your Fish

Try a spicy wine such as a dry gewurztraminer from France for fish prepared with heavy spices. You could also pair the fish with a red Burgundy from France or pinot noir from the United States.

Pair delicately flavored fish in subtle, mild sauces with lighter, more delicate wines. Very few young red wines fall under this category, so a white muscadet from France or melon from Oregon would nicely fit the bill.

Grilled salmon, whether hot or cold, pairs up with Oregon or other Pinot Noir-based wines

Consider a higher-acid wine such as a red Anjou or white Burgundy from France, or a riesling from south Australia, for a fattier, richer fish such as a hearty, oily piece of salmon.

Try a full-flavored, smoky Viognier from France or a heavily oaked, premium Napa chardonnay for any grilled fish.